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The Open Arms of Tyranny (Prov. 28)

On this Memorial Day weekend, we honor those men and women who died to secure and preserve our freedom. We are also taking this opportunity to examine the state of the nation from a Christian perspective.  We're fractured, broken, partisan, and combative.  Half the country wants big government socialism and the other half wants to keep the government of our founders -- of, for and by the people.  It's not Democrat vs. Republican, or Liberal vs. Conservative, it's something much deeper than that.  What is going on, and how can we reverse the dangerous trends that threaten to undo our democracy?


Cast the First Stone? (John 8:1-11)

Jesus is in the Temple teaching when a group of religious charlatans shows up with a woman caught "in the very act" of adultery. If Jesus says, “Don’t stone her,” then they can demonstrate that He contradicts the Law of Moses, and therefore isn’t a Man of God. If He says, “Stone her,” then they can accuse Him of not being the friend of sinners He claims to be. Will He be just or merciful? What can we learn from how He handles this situation?


Water of Life or Broken Cisterns? (John 7:32-53)

Everyone puts their faith in something or someone.  Sometimes people put their trust in their sinful, twisted, politically motivated 'scientists,' sometimes in their church, or their favorite preacher, or their own uninformed opinions.  In this morning's passage, Jesus is preaching to 'church people' who have been putting their faith in the self-glorifying, hypocritical rabbis who have been peddling false doctrine, and He calls them to put their faith in Him.  Will they?  Will you?


Is Your Church an Obstacle to Your Faith? (John 7:14-31)

This morning we get a glimpse of Jesus as Preacher, and his stinging message is that the religious establishment does not encourage faith but instead serves as an obstacle to it.  Jesus lays out three characteristics of religious leaders and churches that can hinder followers from putting their faith in Him.  These three characteristics are still in full bloom today!


Jesus and the Feast of Tabernacles (John 7:1-13)

Jesus is goaded by His brothers into attending the Feast of Tabernacles (also called the Feast of Booths) in Jerusalem as a way of revitalizing His "celebrity status."  Jesus refuses at first, sends His brothers on ahead, and then sneaks into Jerusalem secretly.  What lessons can we learn from this account, and what is the significance of the Feast of Tabernacles for us?


To Whom Shall We Go? (John 6:59-71)

In our first "Drive-In Service," we explore John 6 and the polarizing effect the words of Jesus have.  The more one understands Jesus, the more people either resist Him or commit to Him.  At the culmination of this chapter, Jesus' followers have a choice to make -- are they "all in" or "all out?"  How about you?


Conquering the Pandemic of Unbelief (John 20)

We are living through a very dangerous, destructive pandemic that is infecting millions and causing untold trauma, tragedy, pain, and fear.  It's the pandemic of unbelief.  Even during the weeks following Jesus' resurrection, there were doubters.  Today we'll look at one of them to learn what we can do to flatten the curve of rampant unbelief in our day. (featuring an Easter medley by Karen Foley)


The Irony of Palm Sunday (John 12:12-26)

It's Palm Sunday and Jesus enters the city of triumph?  This account is filled with irony.  There is irony in the crowd, irony in Jesus' actions, and irony in His words.  John uses this historic event to zoom in on one important theme during a "backstage" moment with some Greek visitors.  Let't make John's focus our focus for this special Sunday.

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