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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled (John 14:1-14)

Jesus just told the disciples that He will die, that someone at the table with betray Him, that Peter will deny Him, and worst of all, that He is going away to a place where they cannot follow.  As a result, the disciples are stressed out, confused, and upset by this news, so Jesus commands them not to let their hearts be troubled, and He gives them three reasons why: because of Who you know, where you’ll go, and the works that will flow through you.


Cleansed By The Servant (John 13:1-7)

As we cross into John 13, we find that Jesus' public ministry is over. From here on out, John will give us behind-the-scenes access to the private conversations between Jesus and His disciples, as well as the drama and intrigue surrounding His final days before religious and political authorities who will nail Him to a cross to die.  Jesus starts the final week of His life with a lesson, and before He starts the lesson, John gives us a glimpse into what He's thinking, and of whom He is thinking. 


Unbelief: God’s Fault or Man’s Fault? (John 12:36-43)

A Polish Nobel Prize winning writer wrote, “We must believe in free will. We have no other choice.”  He’s right!  The subject of free will takes center stage in our passage today.  Jesus is running the most powerful Bill Graham style national evangelism crusade ever…and John says it’s a failure.  The question is “Whose fault is it?” Let’s take a look…


For This Purpose I Came To This Hour (John 12:27-36)

Knowing one's purpose keeps one focused, motivated, and moving forward toward that goal.  In today's passage, Jesus reveals His purpose -- to glorify His Father through His obedience as the substitutionary atonement for the sins of all mankind.  He also reveals four ways in which He will fulfill His purpose.  As His followers, we too have a purpose and we need to be reminded to stay focused on it lest we be distracted from the primary reason we are here.


A King, a Donkey, and a Prophecy (John 12:12-26)

Jesus makes His triumphal entry into Jerusalem riding on the back of a young donkey as the people cheer and lay palm branches before Him.  All four gospel writers note the significance of this event as a fulfillment of Zechariah 9:9.  John, the writer of our gospel account, says he didn't put the pieces together until after Jesus rose from the dead.  Why is this such an important fulfillment?  What was the context of the original prophecy, and have we put all the pieces together?


Eternally Secure (John 10:22-42)

This morning's passage takes place during what will one day be known as Christmas time, and there are many doctrinal presents under the tree!  Jesus is confronted by leaders in the religious establishment who want Him to bluntly disclose whether or not He is the Messiah.  His answer is clear and chastening.  In it, He also gives us some important information about our relationship with Him, whether we can lose our salvation or not, and why some people believe while others do not. 


The Good Shepherd (John 10:1-21)

After healing the man born blind, Jesus tells a story - a word picture about shepherds, thieves, and sheep. In it He calls Himself "the Door," and "the Good Shepherd."  What is the point of the story?  Who do the sheep represent? Are their robbers and thieves trying to get at them in our day, too?


The Story of the Emancipation Statue and the Bible’s view of Slavery (July 5, 2020)

Every Fourth of July, I like to take a moment and bring some aspect of America’s Christian history and heritage into view. I like to point out the importance of the Bible to our founding fathers and how it shaped the thinking of those great men in the construction of an imperfect but impressive Constitution that has continued to be a beacon of freedom, liberty, and hope for 233 years. In America, we have many wrongs to be ashamed of, but we also have many accomplishments that set our country apart as uniquely exceptional, and we have numerous examples where wrongs were made right. I’d like to use the story of the Emancipation Memorial statue in DC to discuss the biblical view of slavery. Did God’s word fail us during the years leading up to the Civil War? Does the Bible promote slavery? If not, then what happened back in the 1840's, 50's and 60's?

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