Living the Word of God

People are hurting, and unfortunately, in their pain, they don’t choose God, but instead choose paths that enlarge their problems and increase their suffering.  Vocal agitators steer them in this direction by convincing them that God is bad, left is right, black is white, moral is immoral, and good is evil.  As people become more and more desperate and confused, they listen to and believe these deceptive voices of destruction.

As a result of turning away from God, people are turning toward even more loneliness, anxiety, broken relationships, addiction, and hopelessness.  Marriages are not getting better; they are falling apart. Families are not healing, they are splitting and fracturing.  Neighborhoods are not getting safer but more dangerous.  All the while, art and entertainment cater to our base instincts; sexual confusion and perversion run rampant; corruption reigns in government and business; and civil discourse has become callous and mean.

Where to turn?  Most people escape into their phones and televisions for temporary relief from the self-inflicted misery of their poor choices in the midst of a collapsing culture.  Those of us who recognize these trends feel helpless to reverse them.

As Americans continue to turn away from God, things get worse and worse, which causes them to turn farther and farther away.  It’s a vicious cycle but it can be corrected.  What we need is revival. Charles Finney, who was part of one of America’s great revivals, said, “Revival is nothing more or less than a new beginning of obedience to God.”

That is the kind of revival we need. Not just an emotional experience and not just a tingle down the backbone. We need to seek after God, pray, and make the hard personal changes that will result in a better life.  Peace, contentment, fulfillment, and joy in Jesus Christ are within reach.   Our churches, communities, and nation need real revival like never before.

America has seen two “Great Awakenings” in her history and she’s overdue for another.  At Freedom Baptist Church, we’re dedicated to awakening our community by pointing it to the Word of God so that some might humble themselves, confess their sin, turn from their wicked ways, seek God’s face, and be eternally healed.

Lost or saved, rich or poor, black or white, young or old, we all need to be regularly washed in the cleansing power of His Word so that we might be the salt and light that helps purify our world.

It’s a tall order, but we serve an Almighty God.  Join us in this endeavor?

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